Jeffrey Trujillo, M.A. Licensed Professional Counselor

There is a myth out there that therapists lead perfectly well-adjusted lives and have found “the answer”.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  Therapists often get into this work as an outgrowth of their own personal journey.  For anyone, therapy is a process that can lead to a lifetime of personal evolution.

Therapy is not about reaching a specific state of perfection, something not achievable anyway.  Therapy is more about understanding in a realistic way where one is at this moment, figuring out where one wants to be, and then taking on the work of making that journey from here to there.  The role of a therapist in this is to accompany you on portions of your journey.

The therapist is someone who brings a great big toolbox full of useful things to your process.  Through the use of various clinical interventions and processes one is able to move forward and to connect with a deeper sense of presence, empowerment and autonomy.  This growth also leads to the ability to engage more fully and authentically with others.  I welcome you to the journey of a lifetime!